TPP 2 Passes

Advances super-globalization, undermines workers’ rights globally, promotes fracking & other climate-change hastening fossil fuel extraction.

European Union starts to Crack

The Euro begins to tank as Europe approaches a decade of austerity measures, and the poorer EU nations risk default.

The refugee crisis and unemployment issues bring fascist politics back to the continent – and terrorist attacks fuel the xenophobia to drive draconian immigration reform.

Could this be the beginning of the next Holy Wars?

The Franscism 

The Pope is too Dope! Francis’ progressive agenda of addressing human rights issues and climate change as a moral imperative alienates the doucheiest of his followers.

Conservative factions and the GOP renounce the Pope in a move that splits the Catholic Church – an event known as the Fransciscm. The GOP throws its support behind anti women’s health & LGBT issues – team up with the Mormons to start a 2nd Pope based on the Quiver Full/Duggars pro-procreation movement.

New New Deal

More than half of workers are freelance or temporary in America – even those who work for years are still trapped in the gig economy. 

A Bill known as the New New Deal, and backed by the Monsanto-Koch Brothers-Halliburton Triad, is pushed through.  Unions are outlawed, and a mass privatization of entitlements occurs.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) soar to new techno-industrial heights, using drones to replace sheep dogs and Artificial Intelligence to run Farming Complexes.

Rumors of experiments and anti-antibiotics run rampant in animal rights activist circles, but the Ag-Gag Laws that outlaw any CAFO documentation carry the death penalty, so evidence is hard to come by.

Any employees are undocumented workers or otherwise compromised, making it impossible to find witnesses.

Food System Collapses, Crushing Poor

Fast Food becomes the only affordable and available food in the Food Deserts of America.

The TPP destroys local farming to the point that grocery stores are only carrying food from 5 major vendors. Over 50 million Americans live in Food Deserts by 2025.

Shell Spill Covers Arctic


Bye bye Polar Bears! (and everything else)

Water Wars Across America
The USA gets into a 6-Way Civil War – California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona & Texas get into it, with Mexico sending reinforcements to Texas to protect their interest in the Rio Grande.

Gluten-Free GMO Wheat 

Engineered for gluten sensitivity, this wheat strand unintentionally triggers a mutation that leads to mass GMO psychosis over the next decades.

GMOs Hit Critical Mass in Food Supply 

Because of anti-labeling laws and other pro-Monsanto legislation in the 2010s, industry-funded scientific consensus continues to support GMOs.

Once GMOs become the majority of the food supply, many Americans are unwittingly living on an all-GMO diet.

Seed Saving Criminalized


After achieving complete regulatory capture, Shmonsanto, Doubt-Chemical and other life-patenting vampire corporations achieve their greatest feat, criminalizing the very act that allowed human civilization and culture to exist.

More than 95% of native crop varietals are eradicated, and tracking markers are inserted in all GMO DNA.

Water Wars Worldwide

Europe wrestles over water and energy production, the Middle East dries up and plunges itself into a sandy catastrophe, Africa’s power-hungry dictators privatize all water access, and Latin America sees droughts and floods taking turns ravaging the landscape.

Global Crop Failures and Mass Riots

The perfect storm hits every food-producing region for 18 months straight, depleting global stores of food and seed, and toppling governments.

Staples increase in price over 1000%, mass riots around the globe damage shipping infrastructure and exacerbate the problem.

CRISPR Creates Perfect Baby with Super-Symmetry 

The gene-splicing tech is used to create the most beautiful baby of them all.

Shown in a live-stream video feed around the world, Eve distracts the masses from the skyrocketing infant mortality rates resulting from malnutrition, poverty and lack of public healthcare.

Designer Babies

After Eve charms the world, the super-elite want their own symmetrical perfection. Billionaires start ordering designer babies from a growing sector of gene-engineering companies with shady science and shadier ethics. Not all genetically engineered babies are created equal, as some heartbroken helicopter parents will discover.

Drones Darken the Skies 

Lack of regulations results in drone proliferation – the bankrupt government couldn’t protect its citizens even if it wanted to. From selfies to surveillance, and Schmamazon to transportation, these sometimes dangerous and always annoying flying machines create a national crisis.

Drone Free Zones are developed, but the EMPs used to disable the drones also destroy other electronics, which increases the back to the land luddite movement in turn.

Neo-Fascism Rises in EU
After the Eurozone collapses, ISIS bombings create panic and drive hyper-inflation.
2nd Pope of the GOP starts advocating a New Holy War to reclaim the Middle East. Disaster to follow.
App Bubble Pops
When there’s apps for how many poops you have, you know the Internet of Shit is officially full. The tech bubble in San Francisco of the 2010s burst when none of the most promising internet companies were able to make a profit – hitting the Bay Area with a recession, and America with phones full of unsupported apps.

Privatization of the People

A diabolical Congress gets its way and manages to starve the government to death. Privatizing schools, healthcare, prisons, transit and government, the last US Congress hands the keys to the Kingdom to their Corporate Overlords and shutters the White House. No more elections, USA renamed United Corporations of KochSanto.

Net Neutrality Outlawed

The “Free Net” promoted by Schmomcast is passed by the corrupt Corporate Congress. Companies have to pay for website access, and progressive messages are banned from the Net as “fomenting revolt’.

Mysteriously Schmelp’s ratings of Schnomcast increase dramatically with their bandwidth.

Corporate Congress Created

After the Government goes Bankrupt, the Corporate Congress takes over – and starts passing pro-industry laws faster than ever.

The new Corporate Congress immediately makes Seed Saving illegal, Privatizes Education, Criminalizes Abortion, increases Prison Size 5x, and so much more…

Citizens start to move out of the Corporate Zones & risk the Geemers because of the corporate-fascist rule.

FEMA Bankrupt following a Flock of Force 5 Hurricanes

The East Coast is battered by Force 5 Hurricanes for an entire season. After all refineries are knocked out in the Golf, and Manhattan is under water for a month, FEMA officially declares bankruptcy.

The Corporate Congress gives all assets to the Army and records an ‘Out of Business’ message for FEMA’s answering machine.

Big Pharma + GMOs = Love of a Generation

Edible pharmaceuticals – why didn’t someone conspire to do this earlier? Antibiotics asparagus, steroids in strawberries!

Once Schmonsanto and Schphizor team up to create Prozak potatoes the genetic integrity of the entire food-chain is irrevocably contaminated – and the transgenic impacts of these medicines on the natural world have watershed impacts on ecosystems around the world for generations.

Rising Sea Levels Despite GOP Legislation!

North Carolina and Florida suffer the same coastal destruction as their East-Coast Neighbors, despite having outlawed climate change and sea level rise! Turns out the Laws of Physics beat the Laws of Idiots.

Honeybees Extinct in the Wild

Ruh roh – Schmonsanto’s HoneyBEE(TM) are released the same month the last Honey Bee is spotted in the wild.

These BEEs only pollinate GMO crops, and contaminate non-GMO seeds (think smallpox blankets, on purpose). Global crop extinction speeds up alarmingly as pollination grinds to a halt.

Arms Race with Nature

The GMO crops sold as bug and weed resistant set off a Mutually Assured Destruction Arms Race with Nature. Vast swaths of land become barren as weeds become super-weeds and bugs become super-pests, amped up on the same toxins used to create GMO crops.

The next generation of insecticides uses greatest-hits including Agent Orange Neurotoxin & nuclear radiation, making the land barren for generations to come.

First Case of GMO Psychosis Reported

Misdiagnosed as PTSD or severe Schozophrenia, Doctors eventually discover a new disease apparently resulting form extreme GMO consumption. Like Lyme Disease or Mad Cow, the studies are suppressed for years, allowing a mass epidemic to unfold before any counter-measures are taken.

People suffering from GMO psychosis are extremely aggressive, have reduced cognitive functioning, and should be considered unbalanced and extremely dangerous.

Nukes on the Ganges

India and Pakistan throw down in a lose-lose battle for the holy river. Whoever shot first, the nuclear fallout irradiates the entire Himalayan Watershed, killing hundreds of millions over the next decade and forcing mass migration.

The sick are paid to be kamikaze mercenaries in neighboring water wars during their shortened lifespans.

Financial Collapse Accidentally Locks Internet

An AI developed by Schmomcast to charge internet users for “Free Net” starts drastically overcharging users.

The AI over-adjusts in response to the global collapse of US Currency, and prices all users out of the market. No more wikipedia or google maps, how will we know anything or go anywhere!! Society begins to collapse.

Nestle vs the People

Privatized Water Rights and the 20th Year of the Mega-Drought trigger violent anti-corporate protests, as the last farms are shuttered in Coke-afornia yet Schmestle continues to export bottled water from National Parks to the Corporate Zones.

Eco-Warriors and Corporate Mercs battle across the southwest.


The Gates Foundation’s Genetically Engineered malaria-resistant mosquito becomes a mutant carrier of EbolAIDs – an AIDs strain that’s as quick & deadly as Ebola. With a 60% kill rate, EbolAIDs decimates medical infrastructure across the globe.

Antibiotics Become Obsolete

After feeding factory farmed animals antibiotics for decades, antibiotic-resistant diseases are the new norm. Watch out when you’re knocking boots because the clap can get you, and a small scratch is deadly again.

Nuclear Plant Meltdowns

Without government oversight, many nuclear plants haven’t been inspected for years. Meltdowns were inevitable in the derelict coastal nuclear plants, built along fault lines and in tsunami zones.

Fukushima looks mild in comparison, and without FEMA nuclear radiation continues to leak into water for decades.

Fracking Destruction

Unsafe drilling practices and wastewater dumping creates earthquakes, poisons aquifers, and slowly shakes infrastructure to the ground.

Ocean Acidifies

The ocean sequestered CO2 for hundreds of years, shielding humans from some of the impacts of industry. But higher CO2 concentrations in the water creates carbonic acid (H2CO3), which breaks down calcium carbonate (CaCO3), destroying shellfish and coral life.

By the 2040s the oceans are completely saturated, and nearly all lovable sea-life is dead – with jellyfish, and other cockroaches-of-the-sea, the winners.

Gattaca YoSelf

As the world was crumbling, the super-elite were still investing in futuristic technologies, including memory transfer and human cloning. For an astronomical price, you can have your genes cloned and your memory transferred into new hosts for multiple generations. Flaws in the transfer process, and deterioration over time, result in Napoleon complex and delusional personality disorders in many of the super-elite, becoming shadowy vampires of the late 20th century.

Island Nations Disappear

Micronesia, Maldives, and other island nations are battered by super storms as they sink below a rapidly rising sea level.

By 2040 island nations have half the population of the previous century, but no country will take the climate refugees, and no insurance company will honor any claims, with a blanket ‘Acts of God’ statement about all climate change impacts.

New Raptureites Hasten the Battle of Armageddon Using GeoEngineering

Ecstatic to be returned to the right hand of the Lord, fanatical New Raptureites start using geoengineering to create conflict in the Middle East.

Seeding clouds to rain before they reach crop lands, instigating droughts and floods, and introducing viruses to the populations, the New Rapturites are committed to witnessing the Battle of Armageddon.

Earth Officially RIP

After decades of extreme and aberrant weather events, scientists and politicians agree – Earth is dead. The climate that allowed civilization to develop has been permanently altered, and the new hot flat and crowded globe can only support a fraction of the diversity of a mere century before.

Who would have thought that digging up all those old dead animals and plants and burning them in the atmosphere could destroy the world as we knew it? Other than scientists for over a hundred years, I mean.

Ocean Conveyor Belt Stops Running

The ocean’s currents, known as “thermohaline circulation”, were disrupted by melting arctic ice, warming oceans and sea level rise. The North Atlantic drops 10 degrees, cooling Europe and North America, and increasing El Ninos around the globe.

Global Axis Shift from Global Warming

Nothing as comforting as knowing the Earth’s very axis is moved by global warming! Gigatons of ice melting into the oceans shifted the world’s balance and started wobbling this little blue top. What’s next, the magnetic poles flipping?

CRISPR Causes Mass Psychosis

Mass genetic engineering of human qualities using CRISPR gene-splicing tech caused extreme psychosis, including bipolar disorder, delusions of grandeur, nihilism and other anti-social behaviors. The most adept of the Crispies can be frighteningly competent at leading the Geemers in roving troupes, preaching insane philosophies about the ravaged world.

Corporate Flotillas Enslave Climate Refugees

As island nations submerged with no help in sight, the Global Corporate Council offers help – cities on the sea for climate refugees. These floating factories produce goods with even less environmental and social oversight than developing countries – conditions in these flotillas are rumored to be gulag-like, but no nation wants to investigate for fear of having to act on the results.

There are over 500 million climate refugees, and would have been twice as many if not for the high number of deaths from conflict and disease. No nation is willing to open their borders since the EuroBombings of the 2010s and 2020s.