How To: Build a Pirate Radio Station

Tune into Oasis Pirate Radio on 888AM. We built a Solar Farm with Storage to consistently power our pirate radio station. Now the Drone Hacker and Bounty Hunter are our resident DJs, and the Community Organizer hosts the Oasis Hour – a community talk radio show that plays mornings and evenings at 8. Tune in […]

How to: Fix a Broken Solar Panel

You can set up a battery-tied solar system to power your village with no risk of spills or explosions! Propane and gasoline are hard to find in our area, and the decay rate is high. The Oasis is transitioning to 100% local renewable energy, with a solar and wind plus storage solution. (See our How […]

How To Section: Special Projects

According to the ancient principals of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans need basic physiological and safety requirements to be met before we can feel the love and belonging that creates the self-esteem we need to self-actualize.  The Oasis wants to be a place where Free People (Wastelands born) and Korp Escapees can pursue “life, liberty, […]