Oasis Spotlight: Team Leaders

Our Organiculturist

Skilled at biology and survival skills, the Oasis’ Organiculturist oversees all garden activities. Like many of us, she is ex-Korp and has a hefty bounty on her head. She was pivotal in exposing All$eed’s plan to confiscate and destroy all non-Mod seeds, and liberated their stolen seeds during her escape. She has selectively bred the non-Mod seeds with local varietals to develop a number of new drought-resistant crops, and continues to innovate using ancient plant husbandry techniques. Contact us if your Oasis would like to share gardening tips or possibly organize a dead drop seed swap!

Drone Hacker

Without our Drone Hacker the Oasis would have been discovered many times. A true Tech-Gyver, the Hacker was born indentured to the Korp for his math and engineering CRSPy enhancements. He learned of All$eed’s scorched earth agenda while working on the Korp’s cybersecurity, and ran away to the Wastelands with the Korp’s encryption cipher. He hears radio signals and dreams in code, helping us stay one step ahead of the Korp’s Bounty Hunters and Drones.

Street Surgeon

The Oasis medic is a First Responder with backwoods medical knowledge. The Street Surgeon was a Korp Medic trained as a CyberMed Expert before she deserted after witnessing an All$eed cover up. Now she is a Mod-Lands Doctor, caring for humans suffering from sloppy edits to their genome.

Community Organizer

The Community Organizer makes the most out of any encounter. The Community Organizer was a Korp Liason who was Terminated after refusing to set up a group of Free People for an All$eed ambush. She founded the Oasis & recruited the crew.

  • Negotiator for the Korps in water &  land disputes, Saw Korps Kleanse settlements & faked her death

  • Assembled the crew after securing the land

Ex-Korp Bounty Hunter

The Ex-Korp Bounty Hunter was a Hard core survivalist with Korp Cleanse Team training until he retired. Still a Master of the Mod-Lands, the Bounty Hunter is a nature-lover who decided to live with Free People in the Oasis instead of turning them over to his old bosses.

  • Ex Korp Kleanse Team Leader with haunted past

  • Knows the Korp’s protocols and command structure

  • Experienced Wastelands survivalist

The Fixer

The Fixer has bad skills but good luck, the scoundrel still comes through. The Fixer is a Trade Genius who’s been working the Grey Market since he was born in the Mod-Lands. 

  • The Fixer’s got bad skills but good luck

  • Used to sell black market goods to the Korp

Need the impossible by tomorrow? Call the Fixer!

Oasis Spotlight: Resources


Food – All organic, Non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and occasionally meat.  Each token represents enough to feed one person for ~4 months.


Clean, filtered, and potable water is hard to come by, spend it wisely.  Each token represents enough water for one person to survive on for ~4 months.


Produced from sustainable methods, electricity can be put to good use.  Each token represents enough juice to power the lights for ~2 months.


Although Big-Pharma has produced many duds, some rare finds can be healthful.  Each token represents just a small supply of drugs.

Building Material

Wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, and other materials.  Each token represents a stockpile enough for a small project.


Various electronic components necessary for projects.  Each token represents an assortment of pieces good for a small project.


Non-GMO seeds have become the currency of the future.  Each token represents a variety of species, enough for one planting.

Oasis Spotlight: Resources


Clean water is foundational for any society. You have a deep-water well to supplement the water capture and Filtration Station used at the Oasis. It isn’t quite Dune, but water is scarce! Maintain the well to irrigate the Garden.


What’s more off-grid than living off your own non-Mod garden? Tend the Oasis garden and ward off pests like those dastardly gopher-newts (Gewts) so you can feed your teams. 

Crisis Center

The Crisis Center is the Oasis Situation Room. Meet there to heal teammates or defeat environmental threats.


What is life without power? A windmill keeps the car battery energy storage system charged, and the Oasis has basic lighting and appliance usage ability. There’s even a radio/computer terminal in the battery building where the Oasis continues to monitor for outside communications and search for similar groups of Free People.

Black Market

There is no sanctioned government system for selling goods outside of Korp Towns, so the Oasis travels to a local neutral settlement to trade goods with other Free People. All trade is considered Black Market and the vendors are constantly routed out by traveling Korp Police


If you’re feeling daring, take a vehicle to search for Resources. But with all the dangers  in the Wastelands, you might be injured on your journey. Keep a special eye out for drones and bounty hunters!