Climate Oasis is a collaborative resource management board game that takes place in the year 2070, and explores possible (and fantastical) challenges society might face. 

Droughts, super-storms and fire-nados are the norm. All$eed Korporation bought California and patented all seeds in the Korporate Bill of Rights. Babies are born indentured to the Korp Store for their genetic enhancements, and can never pay off the debt. Many try to escape the Korp, and some even survive.

You and your crew are rebels, living in an outside All$eed Korp control. Your goal is to Complete Projects to make the Oasis self-sufficient. Do Garden, Well and Dynamo Jobs and go Scavenging to gather Resources. Use combinations of Resources and Skills to Complete Projects and Resolve Threats. If you get more Jobs or Threats than you can handle, prepare to Suffer the Consequences! If you’re fully Detected by the Korp or completely Wounded you lose!