How To: Build a Pirate Radio Station

Tune into Oasis Pirate Radio on 888AM. We built a Solar Farm with Storage to consistently power our pirate radio station. Now the Drone Hacker and Bounty Hunter are our resident DJs, and the Community Organizer hosts the Oasis Hour – a community talk radio show that plays mornings and evenings at 8. Tune in for some eclectic scavenged beats, and #unfiltered news from outside the Korp Towns. 

To build your own Pirate Radio Station, you’ll need power and equipment, along with Black Market Blueprints. Make sure to build your station with an Encrypted Signal – otherwise the Korp will be able to track your station.

Call in to the Oasis Hour if you’re able to build your own encrypted station. Just remember – no identifying names or locations when on the air.

About the author: jessy