How To Section: Special Projects

According to the ancient principals of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans need basic physiological and safety requirements to be met before we can feel the love and belonging that creates the self-esteem we need to self-actualize.  The Oasis wants to be a place where Free People (Wastelands born) and Korp Escapees can pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as said in the Old Constitution.

Image from Verywell Mind

To achieve Oasis self-actualization, we are working to increase our self-sufficiency by building various projects, using Blueprints we have scavenged in the Wastelands or purchased through the Black Market. 

We encourage other groups to focus on upgrading your society’s basic systems so you can multiply your outputs and build strategic reserves. Food, Water, Power, Medicine, Technology, Building Materials, and non-Mod Seeds, are all the resources you need to survive indefinitely provided you aren’t discovered by the Korp. 

Once more of our locations have developed their foundational systems our network of applied technologies and adaptive modifications that incorporate current resource constraints, we will be able to share best practices and possibly start a larger underground network.

For now, stay safe out there in the Wastelands, and respond on this encrypted line if you can!

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