Why we created Climate Oasis & why you should play!

Welcome to 2070! Catastrophic climate change wasn’t a lie and the world has seen numerous environmental disasters. First the weather, then the bees, followed by 90% of the entire flora, including the crops. All major governments have fallen. Drones and CRISPR babies rule the day, while antibiotic-immune bacteria and EbolAIDS infect the remainder of humankind.

But not everybody seems to suffer, as money can ALWAYS be made. Enter “All$eed Korp”, a big corporation that has patented new crops that need to be fertilized by their genetically modified honeyBEES™. Babies are born indentured to the Korp Store for their genetic enhancements and can never pay off the debt.

Many try to escape the Korp: some of our best and brightest have rejected life under corporate control and seek to survive outside of it. You are one of these individuals. You must lead your team to survive the environmental dangers and build your Climate Oasis, while being tracked by the corporation. Work on sustainable projects and reinvent old technology like 3D-printing, and maybe there can still be a future…

Climate Oasis is a cooperative resource management board game that takes place in the year 2070 and explores possible (and fantastical) challenges society might face. Although you have common goals there isn’t one way to success. Upgrade your character, build your Climate Oasis and learn special skills to turn the tide.

Climate Oasis can be played with 2-5 people and takes about 60 minutes to play. The game is played in turns. Players take tokens (team members) from a shared bag and use them to complete objectives. Jobs generate resources, which can be used to solve threats and to finalize projects. Every player has a specific set of squad members, so everybody will need to collaborate in order to build the Climate Oasis and evade the corporations.